Exciting new addition to our service offering

Parcelninja is excited to announce an exciting new addition to our service offering.

Our team is continuously at work optimising our systems, we’ve now made it easier to keep track of your orders by giving you a more comprehensive SKU reporting set.

You can now retrieve a full summary of orders related to a specific SKU as well as dimensions and pricing information – all you have to do is click on a particular row in the Inventory section and your summary will pop up.


Using the Parcelninja API with Postman

The Parcelninja API exposes all Parcelninja functionionality so that you can write web applications or make custom calls which interact with Parcelninja on your behalf.

All endpoints and functions are well documented in the Parcelninja API Documentation available at http://docs.parcelninja.apiary.io. For reference, please make sure you have glanced over the documentation (a thorough reading isn’t necessary for this guide).

In this post I’m going to show you how to make queries to the API using Google’s Postman. Read more…